Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Faculty of Life Sciences invites outstanding post-doctoral researchers from around the world to apply for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programs.

Postdoctoral fellowship

Researchers with a PhD or doctorate in Medicine from a recognized institution of higher education, who has been eligible for a third degree for a period not exceeding five years, may apply for postdoctoral fellowships.


In order to begin the registration process, a file must be prepared and submitted to the school secretariat or directly to the academic secretariat.



The file must include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • Research program
  • A letter from the supervisor (senior researcher in the faculty) who approves the course and undertakes to fund the scholarship
  • Eligibility to a doctorate or confirmation of submission of the dissertation for judgment
  • Approval of the head of the school or the receiving department
  • 3 letters of recommendation


The file may be submitted to the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Committee at the Academic Secretariat at any time. Answers are usually given about three weeks after the application is submitted.


You can also register for a short post-doctorate study at the laboratory or at the school where the dissertation was written. The purpose of this study is to serve as a short bridging period before embarking on post-doctoral training at another institution.



For more details visit the Academic Secretariat website

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