Less Costs More, Sometimes. By Prof. Nir Ohad

Victims of the shocking case of poisoned cooking oil that occurred in Spain in 1981, stand at the Prado Museum in Madrid and threaten suicide.

08 November 2021
Less Costs More, Sometimes

The result of the poisoning was “toxic oil syndrome” illness, which killed hundreds and left thousands with chronic conditions until this day (link to the story).


We are our most valuable asset. We also want to protect our loved ones from any harm and apparent threat.


Although, when it comes to our safety, wellbeing and health, we tend, at times, to risk it by saving money.


Unfortunately we hear of tragic stories over and over again all around the world.


Similar case took place recently in Russia - the victims had drunk cheap liquor containing methanol, a poisonous alcohol usually used for industrial purposes, resulting in 18 dead (link to the story).


Another severe case of poisoning happened just a month ago in Israel - dozen people were sent to the hospital and one was killed as a result of consuming cheap non-pharmaceutical drugs that were mixed with an anticoagulant (link to the story).


PLEASE be cautious when choosing what you and your loved ones consume and NEVER COMPROMISE.



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