Field Study on Water and Agriculture

NEW COURSE - Summer 2022


*Note that each day will begin earlier than usual, approx. 6am-7am*

Field Study on Water and Agriculture  Schedule
  • Course number: 0466.4002
  • Dates: July 10th - July 15th 2022 (6:00-15:00 approximately, depending on the distance and the traffic)
  • Location: Israel
  • Course credits: 2 credits
  • The course is taught is English
  • Please note that each day will begin earlier than usual, approx. 6am-7am
  • Registration for the course will only be for students who have completed the course "Introduction to Food Security" 0466.4003
  • During the course there will be 3 daily tours, participation in the three tours is mandatory in order to receive credit for this course
  • The final grade will be based on a summary report



Following the introductory course on Food Security, we are offering an additional course, focusing on water and wastewater problems in Israel, with climate changes and weather instability, the solution to meet these challenges, and their importance for Israeli agriculture.


During the course, you will have 3 daily tours, during which you will experience the agricultural aspects of Israel on-site, as well as creative solutions and future plans for the Israeli water and wastewater economy and how it facilitates agriculture.


You will learn about alternative water sources (desalination plants) and advanced methods for wastewater treatment (production for agricultural use). You will experience and learn about a regional water system that implements advanced collection and treatment of municipal wastewater of main cities, the transfer of treated effluent water to the collection point, regulation and the use of reservoir water for irrigation in the agricultural hinterland of the city.


In addition, you will tour the water system of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the national carrier, and learn about the future plans for this water plant.


Day 1 (Sunday):

  1. Shafdan wastewater treatment center: one of the most innovated and important treatment and recycling wastewater centers for agricultural use.
  2. Palmachim water desalination facility: we will learn one of the five facilities in Israel that provide drinking water, overcoming the shortage of fresh water.


Day 2 (Tuesday):

         a.  Sea of Galilee: We will explore the water system of the Sea of Galilee, one the main resources of fresh water in Israel, from pumping to storage and distribution. The focus will be on the past, present and future needs and constraints, and solutions offered to meet those challenges. 


Day 3 (Thursday):

  1. Alexander crossed-border stream: We will tour and discuss the main challenges in treating stream's contamination, the process that are being used to meet those challenges allowing reuse of the water both for human needs and the maintenance of the environment.
  2. Emek Heffer wastewater-effluent-irrigation system: we’ll visit the magnificent and efficient, nearby, Emek Heffer wastewater-effluent-irrigation system, this system demonstrates the reuse of wastewater for agriculture in an officiant and safe manner
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