About Summer Institute 2018

Course Dates: June 27 - July 29, 2018

How to Apply

Applications may be started by clicking here


Returning applicants should use the same account that they previously opened in order to apply to our program, and fill out an Application Form for the upcoming year. Returning applicants may enter into their account clicking here.

Program Overview

The Food Safety & Security Summer Institute is a unique program offering graduate-level students with tools meet the growing need for a new generation of well-rounded academics who can combine their specific expertise with a broad understanding of food security related issues.

Beyond the top level academic courses, students will participate in an exciting social and cultural program that will allow them to interact with other students and to be exposed to Israeli agricultural innovation.

The purpose of this program is to explore the many dimensions of food security. Together, students and lecturers from different countries and disciplines develop a new “language” of food security – in a manner of true interdisciplinary education.

The Summer Institute will take place June 27 - July 29 2018. The general application deadline is May 7 2018. 

For Indian and Chinese students who are applying for scholarships the deadline of applications is 12 March, 2018

The Food Safety and Security Summer Institute is open to graduate students from any institution of higher learning worldwide. All courses are taught in English.

Lecturers will include faculty from Tel Aviv University and leading experts from other institutions in Israel and abroad.

Students successfully completing the Summer Institute courses will receive a Certificate of Participation as well as an academic transcript acceptable at most universities worldwide.



Courses are each one-week in length, all courses are taught in English and students who complete the courses will receive a transcript of studies and Certificate of Participation. The courses will be given by leading Israeli and international experts.


For 2018 course details, click here.



Three tracks are offered to give students the ability to delve deeper into specific fields: AgriculturePolicy and Nutrition and Water. These tracks offer students the ability to delve deeper into specific fields. The tracks will begin with an Introduction to Food Security course covering global food security issues ranging from modern approaches to crop development and agro economics to the intersection between health, agriculture, post-harvest, and nutrition.

The Agriculture Track will cover advanced topics in plant biology including desert agriculture, and plant epigenetics and gene expression in changing environments. Students should hold a BSc degree in plant sciences, agriculture, biotechnology, forestry, or a related field. Students must have a strong background in biology.

The Policy and Nutrition Track will cover topics in policy and economics of food security (international development and agricultural economics), and nutrition. Students should hold an undergraduate degree in any relevant humanities, social sciences or health field, for example: public health, economics, policy, law, geography, international development.

The Water Track comprises the courses Water Contamination: Processes and Mechanisms and Water and Wastewater Treatment. This is a new track in collaboration with The Water Research Center at Tel Aviv University.



We invite applications from graduate students with an interest or wider understanding on food safety and security from the following fields: 

  • Biology;
  • Public Health and Nutrition 
  • Policy, Economics and Law

As well as professionals with an interest in Food Safety and Security working in:

  • Government, NGOs, or the private sector 



TAU Students studying in the Faculty of Life Sciences can register directly through Nurit Rosenman. Those studying in an another faculty of the University can register directly by contacting foodsecurity@post.tau.ac.il

Israeli Students who are not studying at TAU can register through this link.

International Students can start their applications in the Student Portal, and receive additional pricing and registration details through TAU International.



For information about scholarships for MA/MSc and PhD students from China and India, please click here.



For Indian and Chinese students the deadline of applications is 12 March, 2018

For general applications, the deadline is 7 May, 2018.



For more information, contact us.


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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